Chakra Crystal Set.
Chakra Crystal Set.
Chakra Crystal Set.

Chakra Crystal Set.

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Your Seven Chakra Lights’ crystal set by Karmen, is a wonderful gift, and a beautiful way to explore and learn about your seven chakras, connecting and balancing with the energies that surround and flow through you and connecting with the magnetic vibrations of the crystals.

In this particular set you will find the following:

1. Seven Chakra Stones

Size (Approx 1”)
Excellent Quality.

1st Chakra (Base, Root) - Red Jasper

2nd Chakra (Sacral) - Carnelian.

3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) - Citrine

4th Chakra (Heart) - Rose Quartz.

5th Chakra (Throat) - Sodalite

6th Chakra (Third Eye) - Amethyst.

7th Chakra (Crown) – Clear Quartz (Master Stone).

Each chakra stone has been cleansed by sage smudge, charged by the full moon and reiki infused. Once you are in receipt of your crystals cleanse them on a regular basis.

2. Guidance Notes pertaining to the meaning of each crystal connected to your seven chakra lights, attunments, affirmations and the various crystals connecting with each Chakra.

3. Chakra Man - Guidance Artwork by Karmen.

Guidance Notes pertaining to the Chakra Affirmations, their colours and the crystals associated with each chakra.your crystals and their position with each chakra, meanings and guidance notes included.

Karmen painted ‘Chakra Man’ with a space age perspective to his being, encompassing the Seven Chakra lights positioned from the base root chakra to the crown chakra.

Chakra Man is a wonderful piece of art to meditate and/or engage visualization, and ideal for displaying in a creative and tranquil space within your home.

Printed Card Size:
Portrait (139mm x 216mm)
Premium Glossy 315 gsm glossy card stock recycled paper.
Elemental chlorine free.

The items can look slightly different from the pictured photograph, as each crystal has its own colour density as each one is unique.

Your gift also includes:

4. 1 x Favour Bag.

Legal Disclaimer: (Fine Print Required in Law):

1. Crystals Reiki & Chakra Crystal healing stones are not to replace medical advice from your Doctor and/or General Practitioner, Nurse, or Physician.

2. Contact your GP and Seek medical advice with health issues.