Wedding Gift - Gemstone  Set
Wedding Gift - Gemstone  Set

Wedding Gift - Gemstone Set

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A beautiful set of six crystals to give to the Bride & Groom to celebrate their day of Wedding Bliss.

The six crystals I selected are heart chakra, crown and star chakra crystals connected to love, tranquility, happiness and protection.

Within the crystal guidebook, you will learn how to connect with these crystals, They're crystals of balanced energies within love and great protection, dispelling negative energy. They shield your heart and armour against the negative energy of others.

The six crystals included within this set:

  • Rhodonite - Greek meanin 'Rose'
  • Rose Quartz - The Crystal of 'Love'
  • Dalmatian Jasper - A master stone of great protection with quartz and black tourmaline spots
  • Clear Crystal Quartz - The master crystal of power, connects a light resonance to the Star Chakra
  • Sardonyx - Bringer of harmony & balance within relationships
  • Jade - The Bond of Love Crystal
  • Crystal Protection Guide Book.
  • Giving guidance on the meaning of each Master Stone of Protection.
  • How to connect with the six crystals.
  • Cleansing, Recharging under the full Moon.
  • Sage Smudge cleansing.
  • Rock Salt cleansing.
  • Pouch for crystals.

Legal Disclaimer: (Fine Print Required in Law):

1. Crystals Reiki & Chakra Crystal healing stones are not to replace medical advice from your Doctor and/or General Practitioner, Nurse, or Physician.

2. Contact your GP and Seek medical advice with health issues.